Start List

Bib Name Group Team
Wave 1 07:20:00 AM
17 Nippy Ladies Double Karen Rankine, Tracy Mourant
50 Sassy Ladies Single Rosemary Satchwell
Wave 2 07:25:00 AM
4 Moore Stephens Youth Academy Ladies Single Enya Satchwell
18 The Good, The Bad And The Early Entry Ladies Double Laima Pacekajute, Melissa Le Cheminant
47 Pedal Power Mens Single Jason Le boutillier
77 Numa Mens Single David Brown
101 Mercury Novice Mixed Quad Caroline Gorin, Craig Goodchild, Katie Vincent, Tom Cussen, Zoe Langlois
102 Optimus Novice Mens Quad Alexander English, Andy Jennett, Darry Robinson, Fiona Robinson, Scott McFarlane
109 Tazmanian Devil Mens Single Tim Rogers
Wave 3 07:30:00 AM
7 Have A Go Doge Mens Double Hayden Rouille, Mathew Coombes
44 Sea Sorcerer Ladies Double Alison Smithurst
61 Logicalis Ladies Ladies Quad Alison Smithurst, Christine du Heaume, Frankie Le Quelenec, Stephanie Egre, Steve Reed
62 The Salty Swallow Ladies Double Frankie Le Quelenec, Stephanie Egre
87 Quilter Cheviot Mixed Quad Danni Cox, Harriet Safe, Jeanette Crowder, Ricky Rouille
Wave 4 07:35:00 AM
15 Logicalis Mens Single James Salkeld
29 Pension Time Mens Quad Carl Clinton, James Ramsden, Michel Trehorel, Roly du Heaume, Simon Young
33 Hatstone Lawyers Mens Quad Giles Adu, Lindsay Wright, Mark Rondel, Paul Rioda
54 Dominion Mens Quad Mark Bradbury, Paul Bradbury, Robert Salkeld, Sarah Vautier
93 Just Do It Mixed Quad Alan Butel, Belinda Watson, Cathy Hullah-Brown, Dary Monins, Roger Bolan
Wave 5 07:40:00 AM
12 Jersey Marinas Mens Double Luke Cassin, Rob Cassin
52 Black Magic Mens Quad Andy Bowman, Cayenne Le Boutillier, Steve Reed, Will Le Quelenec